Medicaid Health Insurance

In New York State, for individuals who meet income and resource guidelines, Medicaid provides comprehensive healthcare to eligible children and adults, including  acute hospitalization and long-term care services. Long-term care services may be delivered at home, in hospitals or nursing homes, and through home and community-based service providers through Medicaid Waivers.

Medicaid does not require co-payments for services for children.

Federal law requires that comprehensive Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) services, be provided to children enrolled in Medicaid. These services cover all medically necessary screening, diagnosis and treatment until age 21.

There are also other specific health insurance programs funded through Medicaid including:

Healthy New York provides reduced-cost, comprehensive health insurance to small employers, uninsured working individuals, and sole proprietors. There are a number of requirements a small employer must meet to be eligible to offer this to employees. Detailed information may be found at Healthy New York.

Children may be eligible for Medicaid up to the age of 21 or Child Health Plus Insurance Program up to the age of 19. Child HealthPlus may be free or may have small co-pays and/or monthly premiums, based on family income and number of people in a family. For more information on Child Health Plus, and find out if you are eligible, visit this website or call toll-free 800-695-4KIDS (800-698-4543) or TTY 1-877-898-5849.