Transition Resources

Transition Toolkits in Medical Care: Across the Country

The Care Transitions Program: Tools for Patients and Caregivers to support transfer from hospital to home The program is based in the Division of Health Care Policy and Research at the University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine.

Healthcare Transitions: The Institute for Child Health Policy at the University of Florida hosts a robust site of healthcare transition guides and videos, which includes information and activities designed to help teens with special healthcare needs take a more active role in their own healthcare.

Healthy Transitions NY: New York State Institute for Health Transition Training for youth with developmental disabilities ages 14-25 years, families, service coordinators, and healthcare providers. One of the most informative transition web sites on the Internet.

Making the Move to Managing Your Own Personal Assistance Services (PAS): A Toolkit for Youth Transitioning to Adulthood:  . This toolkit on the website of the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth assists youth who can develop skills to direct and manage their own care such as communicating and working with others. Includes a good list of “Activities of Daily Living”.

Moving to Adult Healthcare for Teens: An informative toolkit for teen and young adults transitioning from pediatric to adult care by The Center for Children With Special Needs at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Taking Charge of Your Healthcare: Path to Being an Empowered Patient Toolkit: A guide by Consumers Advancing Patient Safety to help make the transition from hosptial discharge to the next care setting safe and smooth for patients and families.

Transition Planning: A resource by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Ohio on transitioning from child-centered activities to adult-oriented activities.

Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities: A Guide for Health Care Providers:  A guide produced primarily for pediatricians by the Institute for Community Inclusion/UAP at Children’s Hospital, Boston, as part of the Massachusetts Initiative for Youth with Disabilities. http://Community%20Inclusion/UAP%20at%20Children

Wisconsin: Building a Medical Home Partnership: In this Toolkit, Wisconsin physicians and families share their stories and insights on creating a Medical Home Partnership.

Education-Based Transition

Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow (BLT) Transition Training: This site by the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University offers resources to promote independent living, transition skills, and healthy lifestyles and relationships of youth and young adults with developmental disabilities.

Charting a Course for the Future – A Transition Toolkit:   A guide to transitioning from school age program by the Colorado Department of Education.

Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, with a Youth Leadership Toolkit.