Transition e-Toolkit

Bustout team – This is an outline of the whole site for reference only.  This page is intended to be more visual than anything else. 

Peter – my comments to you are in red below

  1. Introduction “Getting Started Section”
    1. Message from St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children
    2. Who is the Toolkit For?  (Defining Key Terms fits better here than on it’s own page in this section – links to glossary in directory of resources)
    3. Background to the e-Toolkit
    4. Defining Key Terms
  2. Planning for Transition: When, What, Why?
    1. Understanding Transition
    2. Transition Team & Goals
    3. Transition Plan: Purposes and Outcomes
    4. Assessing Transition Needs (moved up from section 3 Creating a Health Profile)
  3. Creating a Health Profile/Personal Summary
    1. What is a Health Profile?
    2. Assessing Transition Needs (moved this section to Planning for Transition)
  4. Medical Home Model & Transition from Pediatric Care to Adult Care
    1. The “Medical Home” Concept
    2. Building a Medical Home: A 5-Step Process (added this as a page)
    3. The Primary Care Physician
    4. Building Your Medical Support Team
    5. Finding a Medical Home Physician (moved up to 4C)
    6. Resources (added this page)
  5. School and Education Transition and Transition to Employment
    1. Background on IDEA and FAPE (added this page)
    2. Creating and Implementing a Transition Plan School Transition Process (renamed page)
    3. Person Centered and Self Determination Plan Key Concepts (combined the three pages into one and renamed page)
    4. School Age Advocacy
    5. Service Coordination
    6. School to Work
    7. Resources (added page)
  6. Health Insurance and Government Benefits
    1. Medicaid
    2. Medicaid Waivers (chart looks incomplete)
    3. Private Health Insurance
    4. Accessing Government Benefits
    5. Resources (added)
  7. Residential Options
    1. Community Living
    2. Nursing Home Transition (this page only reflects temporary nursing home stays – what about addressing full-time placement?)
  8. Legal, Estate and Financial Planning
    1. Long Term Planning (changed to Estate Planning)
    2. Guardianship
    3. Wills, Trusts
    4. Decision-making (added)
  9. Assistive Technology and Training
    1. AT Resources
  10. Directory of Resources
    1. National Resources
    2. Medical and Health Resources
    3. Legal and Financial Resources
    4. Transition Resources
    5. Caregiver Support
    6. End-of-Life Planning (this topic is not covered in the main body copy of this etoolkit – page should be moved and expanded)
    7. Public Policy
    8. Glossaries (the glossary of healthcare providers is incomplete and some descriptions are inaccurate)
    9. Transition e-Toolkit Advisory Board